Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures!!! and goals for 2/15 - 2/21

Isn't that cool?
This has been taking me FOREVER to get all these Led's soldered together. (I sure hope this works :P ) I am already having problems with keeping the wires organized and also making the paper, compliant surface, and acrylic to sandwich together without messing anything up.

I had to get rid of 8 leds out of my original plan to have 96 led's so now I'm only using 88. Yet the powering the led's will be exactly the same as before.

I have a new checklist! WHOO-HOO!!!

  • Finish building the prototype (frame and webcam)
  • Test the screen
  • Determine what language I'll be programming in
  • Start programming the project
  • Ask my supervisor if my table will be able to be presented
I have a crammed week with moving and all and trying to get everything if it is even possible. I'm running out of time even though I have 5 more weeks!

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