Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update of Monday, Febuary 2, 2009

Project Title
Multi-Touch Geometry
(Not fully decided) If you got any better ides email me at

Math and Computer Science


Can the infrared system in my Multi-Touch Table analyze Color, Shape, and Size?


My Hypothesis
I do not think that my setup of the infrared system in my MTT will be able to analyze Color, but it will be able to determine Shape and Size of that object.

Needed Supplies

-Wood for frame and box
-Xbox 360 Webcam (Hacked!!!)
-Developed film
-Computer/Or program Host
-LCD Projector
-Projection material (tracing paper)
-Infrared Led’s about a 100
-More small objects that may be added later

To test my project I am going to develop a program to possibly identify color, shape, and size. For the program to work it will have to get the RAW data from the webcam and trace the outside of it to get the shape. I also have to get it to find the size of the object. I then need to find out and program to have the program to identify color. To test the program I will make a test video with the table set up. Then test it with the test video instead of going through it in real person every single time. After I think I got it finished I will test it a final time in live simulation. After the test post a true or negative statement I graph my results and continue speed and bug issues.

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