Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update of Saturday, Febuary 7, 2009

Basic Setup of my MTT

I have filled and turned in my SUU Sign up sheet. I have done everything I needed up to the date, one day early too! As you can see to my left there is my "Basic Schematics" It shows the inner working of my creation. I will have to continue working and finish my "Advanced Schematics". I have been able to get a hold of a Electrician College Student and he will be able to explain and help me make it where I can power it off a wall. Thanks, for reading and keep up to date by subscribing to my blog. On the right sidebar. I hope to get this project for testing by next Saturday!

  • Fill in sign up sheet
  • Turn in sign up sheet
  • Finish schematics of basic setup
  • Start/Finish schematics of full setup
  • Find out how I'm going to power all the led's
  • Update blog at end of the week
I have finished all of that this week, Sometime today or tomorrow I will have next weeks checklist.


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  2. That sounds great! My Dad used to be an electrician you should probably ask him about it