Friday, March 27, 2009

Results of the science fair!

Category results: 1st place
8th grader observer to the International fair: I got it!

So from May 10-15 I will be at the International science and engineering fair. Just as a visitor, but that is still a great opportunity.

I will have some pictures of the award ceremony later.
Truly the science fair was fun so first I hurried and set up my table, realized the light is all wrong and I tried to make a roof around it, enough where I can show how it works. Then judging began it was incredible everyone wanted to know about it and how I made it. It was like 5 minutes of fame. It was really fun, afterwords got a lunch and went to the activities. I was very late but I got to talk to old friends that I didn't talk to much at school it was great. Got to see 2 professional chemists blow things up and such. Then the award ceremonies was long but well worth it!

I'd like to thank everyone that helped this was my best project later, and Kreyling thanks for letting me borrow that projector, it worked great!

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