Monday, March 23, 2009

Science Fair coming!

Well the SUU Science Fair is come up in about 3 days, and I'm not even close to being done yet. Spring Break didn't help me much. As for everything, its going great I got the projector setup, its not perfect but good enough for now. I have almost finished my demo, it should be done soon and I will have a video of it running soon. I will also be making some self illuminating objects since regular objects don't show up good enough.

Last Week Goals

Monday - Finish demo and apply all software to my table.

Tuesday - Finish setup 100% (Box, mirror, etc)

Wednesday - Make my Display Board

Thursday - Have everything in the car ready to go tomorrow

Friday -
Setup at science fair!!!

As for the conclusion!

My hypothesis is correct, it could only detect size and shape.

Here are some older and newer pictures.

New Projector setupMy computer

Table top (40 inch)

Mirror and Camera
Way back when I was making the frame, this is my test circuit.

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